Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Julep American Beauty December 2011

Two weeks ago, I received my first Julep box and boy was I excited!!! It came with two nail polishes, Jennifer and Demi, and they were perfect for my style. It also come with a delightful hand scrub.

I was very impressed with the long-lasting capabilities of this polish. Usually my polish chips within a day, but these looked good for at least five days. (I'm pretty rough on my hands!)

Demi is a beautiful red. It's a very deep color that seems to change in shifting light. For example, in darker light, it almost looked chocolate brown, but in bright sunlight, it looked bright red. I LOVE IT.

Jennifer is a nice quiet pink. It would be a beautiful color to wear as the base for a french manicure or for a nice, work-appropriate all-over color.

The apricot scrub (not pictured. Imagine a white tube with black lettering) is delightful. I couldn't stop rubbing my hands after I used it for the first time! They felt so soft!!!

I am very excited to see what this company has to offer in the future. I can't wait for my January box!!

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