Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Julep August 2012 Mystery Boxes

I got two mystery boxes this go around. This time, they were grouped by style profile. In hindsight, I should have gotten boxes that were not my style profile in order to reduce the chance of duplicates.

Here is American Beauty:

 From left to right: Peony lip gloss, Demi (dupe for me), Gloria, and Vanessa.

Here is the Bombshell box:

From left to right: Hand scrub and hand brightener, Pippa (dupe for me), Natalie, and Amy.

So really, only two dupes out of 6 colors so it's not too bad. I wish I would have picked Classic With a Twist and It Girl because I don't think I would have gotten any dupes! Oh well... I'll just head over to the trade forums and see if anyone wants them. :)


  1. I wasn't sure whether or not to get the mystery box. where are the trade forums?

    1. They are on Julep's Facebook page. They're pretty easy to find. People post pics and lists of the stuff they want and the stuff they have to trade.

  2. That's weird. My American Beauty box was exactly the same as your Bombshell box. Hmm.

    1. I think I mixed up my titles. My box didn't have any cards with the style types listed on them so I didn't know which was which! I had to guess and I think I got it wrong. Oh well!

  3. Anne,

    Thanks for your post about Julep. There is a Julep trade forum, but Julep no longer runs the site so I am not sure where to find it. So which Julep Maven profile are you... American Beauty or Bombshell?

    Julep Maven Team

    Check out the Julep blog here:

  4. Not sure if this link will work, but here it is for the trade forum:

    I have two profiles: I am American Beauty and Bombshell so that's why I was thinking I should have gone with like It Girl and CWAT. But I'm still very happy! :)


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