Monday, September 17, 2012

Little Black Bag September 2012

While I was loading the pics into Blogger for this post,I realized that I forgot to take a picture of all my stuff together! ACK! And now it's all put away. :( So you will just have to use your imagination!

I received a total of 9 items plus the "bonus" item from Benefit.
Here we go!

First, Olivia and Joy Buckled Satchel in black. This is a big, roomy bag. I just transferred all my stuff from my other purse and it fits nicely with lots of room to spare. This is what I opened my bag with this month.

Ball of fame picture frame. This feels cheap and was a last minute trade. I had two smaller items that I hated so I traded up for this. Now I just need to find some pictures to go in it!

Robert Rose Silver Hoop Earrings with discs. These are really cute and were actually some of the cheaper items in the site! Is it weird that I usually like the cheaper items better?

Benefit "That Gal" face primer. This was the bonus item this month. I love the brand and I couldn't decide if I wanted to try something new or if I wanted to have a small size of a product I already use and love. I decided to go with something new. Can't wait to try this primer tomorrow!

Spring Street Black and White Flower Earrings. These are much larger than I thought they would be. See how they make my hand look like a 5 year old's? 

Cargo blu-ray Lip Gloss in Panama. I was obsessing over this gloss. I don't know why. I got it stuck in my head and just had to have it. It retails at about $22 and I traded down from a $35 item to get it! I guess a girl wants what a girl wants. :) The good news is...I LOVE IT. The color is perfect for me! Also, it smells like peppermint!

Surprise bonus! A Benefit "Spy Gal" comic book. Ha! Funny!

Robert Rose wired cuff. This is actually smaller than I thought it would be...and I rarely say that about LBB! It barely fits my wrist. :( I tried bending it out but it doesn't really work. Oh well! Can't win 'em all!

Lydell NYC necklace. I love this. It will look great with the collared shirts I wear to work. It's nice and long and super cute.

Kenneth Cole Blue Cherry Drop Earrings. Not a fan of these. The Kenneth Cole stuff is nearly impossible to trade. I was offering crazy trades at the end to try and dump these, but I couldn't! Nobody wants the Kenneth Cole stuff! At first I thought it was weird but now that  I see these in person, I know it's because they're ugly and cheap looking!

Kenneth Cole Pull through earrings. These ones were also impossible to get rid of. These are keep-able though. I just wish they weren't so gigantic. 

And that's all! I have been LOVING LBB. It's seriously addicting. I may have to exhibit some self control and skip October though...just to save a little money!

Thanks for reading!

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