Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Birchbox February 2012

Very lucky day at my house! Birchbox AND MyGlam came in the mail!

I am a little disappointed with Birchbox this month. I feel I got my money's worth, but I liked the December box WAY better. 

Here's the info for this month's Birchbox:

Just because it's in a fancy box, doesn't make a perfume sample any less lame. Perfume samples are a dime a dozen! I get three every time I make an order on! Really? Perfume? Nobody wants this in a paid sample box. Just sayin'.

A mattifying face cream. Siiigh. If you read my earlier post, you'll see we also got a mattifier from MyGlam. It's not really the company's fault...but I DID fill out a profile that says I have dry skin! So why the mattifying lotion?

Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint. Now THIS I am excited about. I loved the Jouer lipgloss from the December box so I'm excited to try a different product from the same brand. The tube is a little small, but if it's well-made and truly moisturizing then a little may go a long way. I won't know on that until I try it, though!

Powdered mouthrinse. I will probably give these to my husband. He travels a lot and it's mouthwash that's not a liquid! Cool! I'll let you know if he tries them.

Super-Duper Excited about this!!! Press on eye-liner?? Whaaaa??? My husband is taking me on a hot date this weekend and I will be trying these for it. I want to do a smoky eye and what better to polish it off than pre-packaged perfect eyeliner! Perhaps I'll film it so everyone can see how easy--or hard--it is to apply!

And some tunes... I haven't downloaded them yet, but I will. I'm never one to say "no" to free music!

Thanks for reading!! Have a wonderful day!

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