Wednesday, February 15, 2012

MyGlam February 2012

It was my lucky day! I received Birchbox AND MyGlam in the mail today!!!
Here are the pics from the MyGlam bag. I have mixed emotions. I think the bag is the cutest one so far. I wish there was more actual makeup, though! I'm a little sad that there is an acne product as well. But, I guess that means I can just give it to someone!

Here's the bag with the ad inserts:

All the products together:

X-Out shine control. It's a nice sized sample, but I already have dry skin. The last thing I need is something absorbing my natural oils! Stay tuned because I'll send this to one of you!

Yummers!!! This is one of the best chocolate brands EVER! It's a nice little treat!

A 1-2 use packet of Goji Berry Hydrating Mask. Kind of the opposite of the shine control, huh? Hahahaha. This is one I need! I liked the Cucumber Peel mask from last month so I bet I'll like this. They must love Freeman brand!

Dead Sea Mask and Moisturize. One time use samples. I have no thoughts on this as of yet. Although, I like bigger samples for moisturizers. It's hard to tell if you like it when you only get to try it once.

NYX roll on shimmer in purple. This COULD be useful. I am happy that the only make up product this month is full size. I may attempt to use this as an eyeshadow...we'll see...

Thanks for reading!


  1. Actually, from my snooping of their server last month, we were originally going to get the Freeman Cucumber mask (full size) AND both the Pineapple Enzyme Mask and the Goji Berry Mask. This is why the Freeman sale had all three full size for $10. For whatever reason MyGlam chose to send out ONLY the cucumber mask last month. They WERE going to send BOTH the Goji and Pineapple masks this month but again at the last minute decided to send out only one as an "OR" product.

    Total bag content value is less than $6.50 since the Dead Sea Premier samples are freebies on their website and the X Out is another freebie on the X Out site with purchase of the treatment. Even the samples were freebies.

    I love the bag though. It's pretty cute.

    1. Very interesting...I wonder why they saved it for February. Perhaps they're having trouble filling bags? It does seem like the awesomeness has declined since the launch bag, which unfortunately, I did not sign up in time to receive! What do you all think?


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