Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Julep June 2012 Mystery Box

This month's mystery box wasn't as great as some of the others I have received. I got three polishes, a nail therapy, and a nail file. One of the polishes is a dupe from a past maven box. Not that exciting. :( I will admit it's still a higher retail value than what I paid, but I am very underwhelmed this time. I guess that's the fun of the mystery box, though! It's a gamble!

Here's Jodie and Pippa. Jodie is the dupe that I already have. Pippa is a light khaki creamy color.

Juliette is a creamy white.

See? Not really that exciting. Oh well!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I got the same box, it was my first mystery box ever and was kinda hoping brighter colors but oh well! Worst case scenario they end up as gifts :)

    1. Exactly! And the nail therapy is worth the price alone, so there we go. :)


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