Saturday, June 9, 2012

MyGlam Bag June 2012

For the second month in a row, MyGlam has knocked it out of the park! This month's bag is another super awesome one. I like how even they give fewer products than other companies, the products are all really nice sizes (if not full size) and it's stuff I'm going to use regularly.

This one seriously rocks!

Here we go...

The bag is a gold glitter. Watch out! Some of it gets on your hands. :)

Philosophy gel cream moisturizer. This is a fantastic brand and I've never tried this specific product so I am very excited!

Mirabella semi-permanent eyeliner pen. I'm not sure how "semi-permanent" this is. The line I drew on my hand was gone with very little rubbing. I'm excited to try out the application, though. I've never used an eyeliner pen like this. I usually use a gel pot eyeliner. This will be something fun and new to try!

NYX lipstick. Woohoo! I'm a total lipstick fanatic. This one is Chloe and it sure is a HOT, bright pink. I'll wear it on the days when I'm feeling more brave. :) I usually wear pink or red lipstick, but for some reason, this one seems super loud! I'm sure I'll get lots of use out of it though! With brave lipstick, a little confidence goes a long way. :)

And finally, Living Proof no frizz styling cream. This is a top-notch brand and the sample size is huge! I'll be able to use this for months and months! Every product from Living Proof that I've ever tried, I've loved, so this is going to be great!
There were a few coupons from Living Proof and Philosophy as well.

This was a great bag and if MyGlam keeps up this momentum, they will become the leaders in makeup subscriptions!

Go My Glam!

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