Thursday, August 16, 2012

MyGlam Bag August 2012

Once again, the My Glam girls put together an awesome bag! My only complaint is that the top of my lipgloss is broken, rendering it unusable. :( It makes me incredibly sad. I have an email out to customer service to see if they will replace it.

Circus by Andrea's Choice in Ringmaster. Some people were annoyed that MyGlam sent polish out two months in a row--and the same brand at that. However, I LOOOVE polish (if you hadn't noticed) so I was thrilled! Especially since these bottles are huge!

Demeter Dragon Fruit Roll On Perfume. This smells fantastic. Normally I hate getting perfume samples in these bags, but this thing smells so wonderful that I'm actually very happy!

Salty Cosmetics Loose Mineral Shadow in Glama-Zoid. This is going to be a great highlighting shade! It's not nearly as purple as it looks in the photo. It's pearlescent and only  needs a light touch to get a great effect.

Eclos serum and cream. I have never tried this brand, but a lot of people were thrilled it was in this month's bag so I have high hopes.

Custom MyGlam lipgloss! I was super excited about this. Then, I go to swatch it for you and the entire top comes off! Gloss spilled out the sides! I am very bummed about this especially since the color is great and the gloss smells wonderful! Lots of sad faces. :(  :(  :(   I have emailed customer service to see if they will send me a replacement, so fingers crossed!

Sad, broken tube. *TEARS*

My Glam is absolutely my favorite monthly sampling company out there. They always rock my world. Hopefully they will rock it even harder by sending me a replacement gloss!


  1. Just heard from MyGlam and they will send me a new gloss. Hooray!!!

  2. I'm so glad they are going to send you a new gloss. That's great customer service. This was my first MyGlam and I love it! I don't know why anyone would complain about getting nail polish twice in a row. I'm like you; I love nail polish. Anyway, I think MyGlam is one of the best monthly services out there.