Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Little Black Bag August 2012

I am SOOOOO in love with Little Black Bag. You should try it. If you're on the fence, seriously just try it. Can you feel the peer pressure coming through the internet? DOO ITTT.....

Here is my referral link if my peer pressure worked. :)

In the bag this month, I have some items that I'm totally in love with.

 First, a photo of the overall haul:

BCBGeneration Hematite Drop Earrings. Verdit: Super cute and I love them.

Lydell Pearl Bracelet. Verdict: Amazing! Can be worn with nearly any outfit.

Betsey Johnson half pearl half chain bracelet. Verdict: I want to marry Betsey Johnson. Everything she makes steals my heart. This is the item I opened my bag with and I wouldn't let it go. Not for anything!

Betsey Johnson Mis-Matches Zebra Earrings. Verdict: Swoon!

 Betsey Johnson Gingham and Yellow Flower earrings. Verdict: A LOT bigger in person than I thought they would be. I imagined a pea-sized drop and they are more the size of grapes. With a little confidence, though, I bet I can pull them off.

Spring Street Three Flower Cuff. Verdict: OMG! I was thisclose to starting my bag with this but went for the Betsey bracelet instead. I was super pumped when I was able to trade for this. It's freaking adorable in person!

Love love love my bag this month. Three new pairs of earrings and three new bracelets! Score! I am getting a reputation at work for always being fashionably accessorized and it's all thanks to LBB. Did I mention you should join? ;)

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