Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birchbox March 2012

For March, Birchbox sent out an email asking if I'd like to receive the regular box or a special Teen Vogue box. If I didn't respond, then I would randomly receive one or the other. I did not respond and ended up getting the Teen Vogue box this month.

I think this box is fantastic! I'm happy about nearly every product this month!

Here's what we received:

The first item is a perfume sample. This is the only item I'm annoyed by. I am so tired of getting perfume samples in paid sample boxes!!! These are so easy to come by and it really grinds my gears that perfume samples are included in paid boxes. It is completely ridiculous and it needs to stop.

The next item is a Tarte Lip Stain. I like this item simply because it's an actual make-up item and that's what I want in my paid boxes. I'm not a huge fan of the Tarte brand, though. I think their products dry out too fast or just aren't good in general. This lip stain advertizes 6,000% increase in moisture. That seems like a pretty big claim! The main criticism of stains is that they dry the lips, but if Tarte offers that much moisture, then maybe it won't be a concern for this stain. Only time will tell...

The next item is Essie A Cut Above. Recently, I've become obsessed with painting my nails so I was THRILLED to get this in the box! Essie products retail for $8, so in my opinion, this one product made the entire box worth it. I'm VERY happy with this!

Next we have Kerastase elixer which is meant for use in your hair. I have a ton of little hair oil samples and they all seem pretty much the same to me. That doesn't mean I'm not pleased to have it, it just means that I'll never have to buy a full size hair oil product! Hahahaha. :)

Finally, we received a hair ribbon that's elastic and is meant for pony tails. The brand is Twistband and you can find them at Twistband.com. I think this is a really great idea. I frequently put my hair in a pony but I use normal, ugly, brown hair elastics. This is a great solution for a quick pony. The elasticity is great and I think it's a really cute idea.

Overall, I'm incredibly pleased with my box this month! It's quite the relief considering I wasn't that happy with the last two Birchboxes. This has completely turned it around for me!

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Have a beautiful day!


  1. I have gone back and forth about wanting to get the Birchbox. I am already a Julep Maven and I'm not sure I can convince my husband that I need both.

  2. I am also a Julep maven and I love it! I also enjoy Birchbox...I have liked 2 of the 4 boxes I've received so far. What I like best about Julep is you know you're not going to be disappointed because you get to see what's in store for you. Maybe Beauty Army would be a good one to look into as well? If you decide to go for Birchbox, it'd be great if you would use my referral link. Thanks! http://www.birchbox.com?raf=khdnu


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