Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kiss Press On Manicure Review

Kiss Press On Manicure was sent to me in a complimentary Vox Box.

I filmed my attempts. Check them out on my You Tube Channel: youtube.com/annemarielsmith
You can see how much trouble I had, which is the opposite of what Kiss advertises. 
Quick Take:
Waste. Better to paint your nails and use a quick dry topcoat.
Usage Tips:
Don't! Paint your nails the old fashioned way!
The Verdict:
No match for nail polish.
I tried three times to get these to look as good as a painted manicure and it was just a waste. It shouldn't be that hard! I constantly do my nails, so I'm no stranger to a quick manicure and this is by no means a quick and easy mani.

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