Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Julep Maven American Beauty May 2012

I came home today to my second Julep Maven box. This style is American Beauty.
As with the other styles, I got a foot file, pedi prep, and two polishes. These polishes are Kylie and Ellie. Kyle is the magnetic one. It looks really pretty. The only thing I notice is that the packaging on Kylie doesn't indicate that it's magnetic at all. So...once it gets merged into my collection, how am I supposed to remember that's the magnetic one? I wish Julep would have put some sort of marking on the bottle. Oh well! I still love the colors! Kylie is the purple one at the bottle and Ellie is the metallic pearl.


  1. I skipped my Julep box this month for the first time ever, I just wasn't into any of the colors. Now I'm regretting it a bit. ;)

    1. It's funny you would say that because I was thinking of skipping also! Sarah turned out to be freaking beautiful. I'm going to post a swatch later this week.

  2. I switched to It Girl this month because I wanted like almost every colour! I also added on ellie and fina. I really wanted sarah too! *SIGH*


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