Friday, May 11, 2012

Eshakti Review (

I recently found out about which is an online clothing store. Their prices seemed pretty decent, so I decided to purchase a dress from them for an upcoming wedding I'm going to attend. Then, I started reading some sounds like they have had some bad customer service in the recent past so that made me a little nervous. Based on my experience personally, I think that they are doing a great job! So they must have re-vamped their customer service.

According to some online research I did, they recently started a big ad campaign in the US. (They are based in India.) In fact, an ad is how I discovered their site to begin with. My dress was going to be delayed, so customer service sent me an email to that effect about two weeks ago. I figured that I'd just be patient and wait. I never received another email...and then just now DHL knocked on my door with a delivery! I never received a delivery email notification so it was quite the surprise! I ordered the dress on April 27th and received it May 11. That is a LONG time, but they did email and the wedding isn't until July so I wasn't too worried about it.

If you haven't checked out their site, you really should. All of the dresses are customizable and very affordable. It takes a long time to get the dress, but I think it's worth it. I'm really happy with the one I got. Since I'm at home alone right now, I couldn't really get a very good picture, but here's what the self time on my camera could show you:

It's pretty blurry! I apologize for that. As you can see, I'm pretty well-endowed in the chestal region so I will need to wear a tank top underneath.
Here's the image from their website showing the dress in black.
Pinned Image

My blurry camera shot doesn't do the dress justice. I do think that the picture on the website is an accurate representation of the dress you'll get.

As with any online clothing orders, the dress came wrinkled...but I know how to fix that. :)

I will be buying from again!

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