Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Birchbox May 2012

:( :( :( :(

the above emoticons represent how I feel about Birchbox this month. It was supposed to be a Gossip Girl themed box. I have NO CLUE how these products relate to Gossip Girl in ANY way.

Here's what we got:

First up, Ojon conditioner...

Then we have a perfume sample!!! UGH! Barf! STOP IT!

Next, a Lip Fusion Lip Blam. I got a balm in last month's Birchbox! WTF? If I wanted this much lip balm, I'd drive 2 miles to Costco.

Finally, a tiny sample of Caudalie hand and nail cream. It's actually not THAT tiny of a sample, but relative to the samples usually send for lotion, it is small.

And that IS IT. I'm serious. I am not hiding anything from you.

Disappointing, right? Where's the lipgloss that Blake Lively wears? Where's the knock-you-down mascara that Blaire wears?

How is this Gossip Girl?!

:( This is why I have frowny faces.

I really hope next month is better!!!

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