Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Little Black Bag - Second Bag May 2012

I received my second box from Little Black Bag. As you can see, this time I scored way better than my first bag. A little strategy totally pays off!

If you're interested in LBB, here is my referral link for you to sign up:

Here's the breakdown:
Robyn Rhodes - Large Rose Gold Cuff
Robert Rose - Snake Cuff
Zara Terez - Leather and Coin Earrings
'ZAD - Hammered Collar
Robert Rose - Mesh Chain Necklace

And the close ups:

Mesh Chain Necklace--I LOVE this and it is probably my favorite piece of the bunch. It's a great length, a great thickness, and is really funky but feminine. This will be a frequently worn piece!

Gold Cuff (That is WAY more copper in real life) -- This is the piece that I selected myself at the start of the process. In real life, I'm not that in love with it. It's just a touch too long for my taste and is not gold it is COPPER.

Snake Cuff-- I was in love with this one on the website, but in real life, it really looks cheap. Around the edges of the "Snake skin" you can see the material is already lifting from the metal. There are also some spots where the material is puckering.

Leather and Coin Earrings -- I didn't think I would like this and was a little disappointed that I could trade them. Turns out, I LOVE Them! They are super-duper cute in real life and I can see myself wearing them a lot! These were a total unexpected score!

Hammered Necklace -- This is another piece I really like. I thought it would be bigger, though. If you watch my video on you will see that it's really more of a choker. It really sits right up there at the nape of your neck. I still really like it, but it wasn't what I was expecting.

Thanks for reading!!

Check them out! I really, really, really like LBB!

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